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Leonie Rothwell


As the co-founder of Coachlive and General Manager of Executive Central, Leonie Rothwell is passionate about providing access to highly relevant development to all leaders across the world in remote and regional areas.

She is an innovative, experienced and future-focused leader, senior executive, change management agent who has partnered with clients worldwide. As a manager, Leonie has developed several strategic change initiatives to build effective, successful and motivated teams. As a consultant, Leonie has driven innovative solution through genuinely partnered and building long term relationships with clients.

Leonie has spent over 25 years in performance and development including several years in Singapore managing several successful Asia Pacific and Global high potential and leadership programs.

Leonie’s role prior to developing Coachlive was a senior executive position in capability development and wellbeing, area managing a team of organisational and consultants, coaches, clinical psychologists developing programs and preventative solutions for high risk workforces over a diverse client base. Leonie has a passion for innovation and has lead organisations through significant change with remarkable results.

Leonie is an executive coach currently undertaking a Post Graduate qualification in Organisational Change and has a passion for interest- based negotiation.

Driven change across sectors

Professional servives

Energy and resources

Legal services

Fast moving consumer goods

Government Financial services and banking

Key areas of focus

Building future-focused regional and global teams

Inclusive leadership and innovation

Building organisational coaching culture

Leadership development

Organisational transformation

On scale coaching across the organisation

Women and leadership

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Make the most of the coachlive opportunity.  Go with it. Sometimes what you thought you would discuss, is not what is ultimately the most beneficial for you”.

KPMG, Australia

Opportunity to discuss workplace challenges in real time. My coachlive experience was fantastic and I found itto be an excellent way to develop practical leadership skills”.

HR Manager
ESRI, Australia

When I started this process, I was sceptical, and wary of being subjected to a whole lot of meaningless management speak. I have found the process profoundly useful and feel a significant shift within myself and my approach to work and relationships". 

Melita Rowe
Host International, PNG